Benjamin Fox

I'm Benjamin Fox, a software developer currently working on Importfeed, a startup trying to make it easier for you to send documents and paperwork to e.g. your accountant.


Some cool things I've built

A music player daemon in Haskell, intended to fit my precise notions of how I prefer to manage the music on my computer.
A neat helper library for asynchronous computed properties in Vue. This turned out to meet a very real need in the Vue world, it seems. With over 1K stars on Github and well over 100K downloads per month from NPM, vue-async-computed is far and away the most-used open source library that I've built.
Bindings to the Rust textwrap crate as Elixir NIFs. Use it to wrap text to a fixed width in Elixir, or to indent or deindent blocks of text.
A vim plugin for cycling between related words, similar in concept to vim-cycle, except that it also works well with vim-speeddating.


I'm foxbenjaminfox on Github and Twitter. I also mentor on Exercism.

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Email me at, or message me on Twitter.

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